Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Talking Crap

I don't really know how our drains work and neither did the man from Dynarod. He took up some covers and poked about a bit and concluded that it wasn't a blockage we were suffering from but an overflowing cess pit. The cess pit shouldn't be full. It gets emptied once a year and it's only six months since the last visitation- but there it is. We called the cesspit people and they'll be sending the man and his machine out on Tuesday.

The Dynarod man had a long secret chat with his boss and then came and told me there wouldn't be a charge because he'd not really done anything. He had "Michelle" tattooed on his shoulder. Michelle, cherish your man: he's a diamond.

All the above had me thinking about the joys of a compost toilet- such as Matt and Julia have at their place in the woods. It must make life so much simpler.
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