Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Long Term

Yesterday I went and purchased a great number of big wooden stakes- prime chestnut, sharpened at the end- enough to create a very pleasant breakfasting environment for Vlad Tepes. They're in bundles and it took Matthew three trips to transport them from the wood yard on his flat bed truck. I made the first trip with him- because I had to hand over money- a lot of money- to the wood man- sharing my seat with his three, excitable, undisciplined dogs. It was a new experience. Such things are always worth having.

The stakes are the raw materials for the new garden fence which will keep the rabbits at bay and should, all things being equal, last for a quarter of a century. Always in the country one finds oneself thinking long term. We have Matt booked for three days next week to put it up.

There was a blinded rabbit sitting on the back lawn when Matt and I were setting out. "I thought myxomatosis was over," I said. "No," he said, "Once you introduce it into a population it's there for keeps." Like I said, long term. Incidentally, that was a wicked thing we did- by "we" meaning humankind as a species. Shoot rabbits, certainly, but brew up a plague in the lab to kill them slowly and en masse, that crossed some sort of a line.

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