Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

And I Used To Keep Rabbits As Pets

God knows I resisted, but I've had to accept it as a fact that if you're going to have a garden it's a really bad idea to let rabbits have free access to it- because they'll ring bark trees and kill them and eat anything else that appeals to them- and it's an even worse idea to have rabbits actually living inside the garden- as we currently do.

And so:

We have arranged for Matthew to put rabbit proof fencing round the garden


I have licenced a couple of local gunnies to come in and reduced the rabbit population. I thought I'd have to pay them but that's not how it works. They have various outlets for dead rabbits and they're sportsmen and shooting over our land is cheaper than going to the firing range. It's a reciprocal arrangement; they have something I want and I have something they want. It's fair exchange. It's pre or post money.

The longer I live here the more I feel my boots sinking into the comfortable mulch of the rural economy.

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