Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Live 8

For the first part of the afternoon I was switching channels between Wimbledon and Hyde Park. After Venus's victory I stayed with the concert until its midnight close.

Sting said the obvious thing about the world being "a global village". At least it used to be the obvious thing but what with the "war on terror" and all that we seem to have lost sight of it recently.

Maybe this has put us back on track.

Madonna's set was amazing. I liked Razorlight and the Killers. The reunited Pink Floyd reminded me why I didn't pay them any attention last time round. After they'd been on stage for five minutes I reached for a magazine.

The Who are noisy buggers aren't they?

But Sir Macca is still the greatest.

La, la, la,
Hey Jude.......

And now it's over to those 8 ageing males who'll be meeting at Gleneagles next week. As Sting put it in an adaption of his most famous song (with pictures of their 8 ugly mugs on the screen behind him) "we'll be watching you...."
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