Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Politicians On Radio And TV

It's funny, I can watch politicians going through their motions on TV without turning a hair but as soon as their voices come crawling out of the radio I punch the off button.

By politicians I particularly mean D Trump, T May and B Johnson.

Why the difference?

Because with TV I've got them contained. Its magic rectangle frames them like a picture; it keeps them in and confines them to one corner of the room. Secondly the artifice of the medium- close-up, cut-away and zoom- makes it plain there's a filter between us. Thirdly, quite simply, I can see they're someplace else- in a studio or the Oval Office or outside the Houses of Parliament. Finally the visual stimuli- body language, things I can see going on in the background, all the lovely colours- means I'm not having to give my full attention to what's coming out of their mouths.

But if they're on the radio they're right there in the room with me- invisible, riding the air waves, not limited to any one spot- and because the sound of them is all I've got to work with I'm considerably more sensitive to the verbal tricks, the insincerity, the false intonations, the bad acting...

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