Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We had a lot of broken cloud yesterday and I wasn't wearing a hat and when I came in Ailz remarked on how red my neck was. As it happens- by one of those coincidences that probably aren't- I caught a few minutes of TV later that evening in which a boffin was explaining how the sun's ultra-violet rays bounce off the water droplets suspended in clouds and go shooting off in all directions- like laser beams in a mirror maze- and are really more dangerous to us then than on cloudless days- because they're coming not only straight down but from any and every direction.

Today I'm wearing a hat.

Matthew is here again- carrying on doing what he started on Tuesday. He had a hacked about but mature privet in the back of his truck which he'd just uprooted from someone else's garden and I claimed it to fill an egregious gap in one of our hedges. Poor thing will need a lot of watering if it's to take- especially on sunny days.

He has an assistant with him from the Ivory Coast who understands less English than he'd like us to think he does. Matthew gave him some muttered instructions about planting a bunch of bluebells then left him to it. He picked them up, looked at them sadly, then went off to do something else- so I waited until I was unobserved, fetched a hoe from the shed and planted them myself.

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