Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sporting Glory

The women's semi-finals got delayed by rain. While we were hanging about twiddling our thumbs the BBC delved into the archives and came up with one of the classic encounters between McEnroe and Connors.

We've been listening to McEnroe and Connors- two affable middle-aged gents- commentating on the current championships, so it was curiously piquant to see them again as they were in their pomp- Connors looking like the fifth Monkee, McEnroe a whey-faced, shock-headed uber-brat screaming abuse at the umpire.

I guess all the major sporting events of the past 20, 30, even 40 years are preserved on ice somewhere. Sporting glory used to be an ephemeral thing. Not anymore it ain't.

500 years from now, 1000 years from now (barring catastrophe) people will still be able to watch what happened yesterday afternoon- the awesome Sharapova being blown off court by the even more awesome Venus Williams.
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