Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


And then there's gold.

I don't hate gold. I can see why it's mythical and mysterious and special. Used in conjuction with other materials it can be very beautiful. I love medieval miniatures with their complement of gold leaf, and high status Anglo-Saxon metal work with its combination of gold and garnet but a little goes a long way. By itself its a hard, unnuanced, inhuman substance- shiny with no depth to it- even a little repulsive. There's nothing particularly lovely about a bar of the stuff. Artefacts like Tutankhamen's death mask seem excessive to me. And I loathe Versailles.

As for the propensity of the modern plutocrat to stick it on everything, on taps, toilets, the insides of lifts...words fail me...
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