Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Naval Affairs

Thanks to Percy Hook a lot of photographs and postcards with a nautical flavour have found their way into the archive. They have their own interest...

HMS Fisgard was a shore-based training facility for naval engineers and artificers based in Portsmouth. It was housed in an ever-changing array of old hulks. We have several Fisgard related items in the collection. Here are two of them.

I think I've spotted a young Percy in the second one, right at the back, just to the left of the bus. He and his messmates are celebrating Trafalgar Day 1922

This next one has a certain historical interest.

On the back Percy has written, "The prisoners of war on board HMS Wild Swan". Wild Swan was a modified W-Class destroyer, built at the end of the Great War- and known to her crew as The Infuriated Chicken.  She was dispatched East in 1926 to protect British interests during the Chinese Civil War and the picture must relate to one of several incidents that took place over the next two or three years. The prisoners of war are members of Chang Kai Shek's Nationalist army.

Here's "The Infuriated Chicken in Chinese waters"

And here's Percy sitting on a gun.

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