Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Regeneration Is Pending

The Smith era tried my patience and the Capaldi era broke it. My quarrel wasn't with either actor, of course, but with the head writer/showrunner. What finally killed my loyalty was the episode where the Doctor spent several billion years knocking down a wall of some substance harder than diamond with his bare knuckles in order to secure a few more years of human existence for Clara Oswald. At that point I felt cleverness was not only winning out over intelligence but positively stamping on its head.

But the news that we're going to be getting a new Doctor to go with the new showrunner revives my interest. Chibnall has already written for the series- and not very well- but Broadchurch was excellent and I'm willing to give him my attention- at least to begin with. The hoo-ha surrounding the appointment of a new Doctor is always fun- and- as with Prime Ministers- you can be pretty sure the front runner isn't going to get it. David Tennant- the definitive modern Doctor- was on Radio 4 at lunchtime and gave his vote to Olivia Colman. Oh, how I wish...
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