Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Exercising Caution

Placid beasts, horses- except when they lose their tempers- which tends to happen when there's competition for resources.  Offer them titbits over the fence and they jostle and make with the teeth and start kicking out at one another. If one of those blows landed it would do a lot of damage.

Witness the state of one of the water butts- which has been stomped into bits because it was frozen or empty.

Water is in short supply at the moment- and I've been out with watering cans full of hot water trying to unfreeze the tap and hose. They mob me while I'm doing it. I wouldn't say I was nervous of them but having seen how they can kick I'm a little wary and make a point of keeping away from their blunt ends.

I was walking in the fields the other day and they latched onto me and came galloping towards me- and I thought this is what the Battle of Hastings must have felt like from the viewpoint of the Saxons.

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