Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Lots Of Different Things

Frost. Temperature well below freezing. Horses grouped round the butts asking for something to be done about the ice- and I went to do it only Julia got there first.

By which time the man who empties the septic tank once a year was already parked up and pumping away. And the dustmen had been and gone. Lots of coming and going- because we also had a delivery from Sainsbury's to sort out. Plus Ailz's mother rang, plus my daughter rang.  Matthew had brought Julia over in their pick-up and went away again with a box load of my old archaeology magazines which they'll be passing to a friend who is studying the subject at university.

Alice says she's been dreaming about having conversations with me and her grandmother- though she forgets what was said. She's also started painting her own Tarot cards.

It's rare in the life we lead for so much to happen all at once...

I stayed up a little later than usual last night because there'd been rumours that some important Trump-deflating news would be coming in. I suppose they meant the defamation lawsuit that Summer Zervos is posting against him. Too early to say whether this is a big thing or business as usual. Probably the latter. After all, his people voted for Trump in spite of knowing about the pussy-grabbing and (to be even-handed) Bill Clinton's people went on supporting him in spite of the Lewinski affair and the accusations of rape.

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