Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Cold But Not Freezing

My mother didn't want to get up when I tried rousing her at 9.30ish so I left it an hour and tried again- by which time she was more amenable. Why get up so early if she doesn't want to? It 's not as if she had a job to go to.

By the time she's spent a night sleeping on it her chic haircut has rearranged itself into something like a Tin-Tin quiff. I pointed this out to the carer and she'd never heard of Tin-Tin- so I explained. And then she explained how if you grew up (as she did) in Bulgaria before glasnost kicked in all the popular culture that came your way originated in the USSR. There was, for example, a cartoon series about a layabout, bohemian wolf and the clean living hare he is always trying to catch. The name of the show is Nu Pogodi- which translates as Just You Wait

Here are wolf and hare on a Soviet era stamp.

1988 CPA 5918

The temperature must be just above zero. The hose that feeds the horses' water butts was frozen first thing but became operative by mid-morning and the snow has disappeared from such areas as the sun can reach.

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