Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Just Stuff

1. Rabbits are all very well- and I like to see them out there on the lawn, munching away- but now they've started eating the bark off our fruit trees- and that's definitely not cool. There used to be tree guards in place but they've perished.

2. Researching Peter Sarstedt's back catalogue yesterday I made the mistake of listening to something called "Take Off Your Clothes" which got banned by the BBC for being saucy in a Benny Hillish sort of a way- and its refrain- which goes "My daddy is a priest, you know/ and I am not a beast, you know"- is now going through my head on spin cycle.

3. When I was kid and got an ear worm I used to picture the performers playing on stage and then I'd gun them down. Never worked.  They just came back to life  and carried on.

4. I turned the radio on  for the one o'clock news and there was Theresa May in mid rant- being horrid to Jeremy Corbyn. It made me jump. She doesn't have a pleasant voice. There's a suggestion of panic behind the raspy self-assertion- as if she's not far from bursting into tears. Why do they all have to be so rude to one another in The Commons? What sort of example do they think they're sending out?

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