Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Our former carer had got it in her head that my mother wouldn't stand for baths (probably on the basis of a single experience when the water was too hot or too cold and my mother protested) and we went along with it. Now that she's gone- and we have agency carers coming in- we've got my mother having baths again- so far without incident. There's a bath lift and all- it's easy.

There's this to be said for having a regular carer- that they take control.

And there's this to be said against having a regular carer- that they take control.

Since the carer left  we've been reorganising all the things she had organised to suit herself.

As my father used to like to say when he was moving furniture around for the fun of it, "Change is good for the soul."

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