Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Oh Dear...

Still shaking a little. More accurately now beginning to shake because I can...

Carer comes to get my mother up. A few minutes into the operation my mother calls from upstairs. I go up. Carer still trying to get mother out of bed but now shaky and incoherent. I guide carer gently but firmly to armchair. Ailz rings ambulance. Carer has had strokes before and this looks like another.

I take over carer's job of guiding my mother downstairs and putting her breakfast in front of her. Ailz takes over frontline care of carer.

While all this is going on Sainsbury's arrives with our weekly shop.

Ambulance arrives. Carer gradually comes to. While gathering her things together and looking for her phone (so we can call her family) we can't help but notice the nearly empty vodka bottle in her bag.

Ambulance guys take over. Carer is driven to local hospital.
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