Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


It's going to happen- and it may not happen much like this- but when it does it's going to take a crowbar to everything we think we know.

This is cerebral SF- more Tarkovsky that Lucas. There's an explosion- but only the one. The alien ships come and plonk themselves down on humanity's lawns and humanity goes, "Erm..."

We're mostly in rural Montana. It's cold and comfortless out here. The little humans with their piddling little weapons and jeeps and tents- looking very temporary, very provisional- are dwarfed by the alien ship- like a huge nut set on end- with a hard shell of who knows what exactly- windowless- hundreds of feet from end to end.

The aliens have a language and a linguist is brought in to learn it. But language encodes consciousness and what happens to your mind when you learn a language that encodes a consciousness that is so much greater than your own?
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