Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What's He Like?

I once knew a kid who liked to play at being The Little Metal Man- a robotic war machine of his own invention that was always on the attack, going dee-dee-dee-dee-dee with its head bobbing from side to side. It was all but indestructible. Explosions had no effect on it, bullets bounced off its hide- but if it couldn't be stopped it could be deflected. It would lock onto a person- and chase after them- at a walking pace, nid-noddying as it came- until someone else stepped in and got its attention, whereupon it would forget about its first quarry and go after the new one instead. When it banged up against an obstruction it couldn't destroy it would ping off at an angle and follow another line.  It had no goal, no objective- except to go on and on until its batteries ran down.

I was thinking about Trump last night and what he's like and it suddenly came to me; he's just like the Little Metal Man....
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