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Tony Grist

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Another Place, Another Time [Nov. 5th, 2016|01:05 pm]
Tony Grist
Six years ago we were having the house in Oldham taken to pieces and put back together again- while we camped out in the wreckage. Would we have gone through all that if we'd been known we'd be moving south in a few years time? Probably not. Would I want to go back and change things? Not at all. It was quite good fun- as hardship can be when it's undergone voluntarily and doesn't involve mental suffering or fear.

Here's a picture from that time. Ailz is standing in the back yard. The new back doors are being assembled. The kitchen- which can just be glimpsed through the gap- is an empty shell

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Here's another. The big room with a gaping hole where a window should be was our bedroom. We were still sleeping in there. And it was just this time of year- and very cold. I think the workmen put polythene sheeting in the gap before they clocked off for the night.

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