Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

19th Century Prints

There was a vogue towards the end of the last century for nicely framed 19th century prints. You can tell there was a vogue and that it's over now because the junk shops and charity shops are full of them. Nobody seems to want them- except for me and Ailz- and we snap them up whenever we see them. Yesterday we bought three that had been reduced to £1.49 each- and one of them was by Clarkson Stanfield- a "name" artist. One of these days they'll come back into fashion and then everybody who got rid of them will be sorry.

When I say it's by Clarkson Stanfield I mean he did the original artwork. It was rare for these chaps to do their own engraving. I haven't looked into the market- and I don't know whether the artist's name raises the value- but we have in our collection two Stansfields, a Wilkie, a Landseer and - tarantara- a Turner.
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