Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Hop Farm

The Hop Farm has world's biggest collection of oast houses. It used to belong to Whitbread's, the brewing company- and now hosts events and gigs and weddings, offers camping facilities and has a range of kiddie attractions.  It was open to visitors yesterday but only just. Most of the attractions were closed and those that weren't were unmanned so we got into them for free (only not really because we'd already paid for a bunch of useless tokens). Ivy wanted to see the animals but the lady at the front desk said the people who ran the petting zoo had decamped overnight leaving a mess behind them.  Fortunately Ivy and Clover are at an age where everything is wonderful. Clover, who has just turned one, loved the pumpkin heads that were scattered around the site.

Clover, Ivy and friends
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