Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Random Stuff

We slept in this morning - something we very rarely do. I don't know why we keep to such a rigid timetable- getting up, eating and going to bed at set times. It's not as though we have to go to work. And we can't say we do it for my mother because she she no longer knows what time of day it is.

Leonard Cohen says of Dylan's Prize that it's like pinning a medal on Everest for being the highest mountain.

We think of urban pollution as something that came in with the industrial revolution, but according to a programme I saw on TV last night the combination of coal fires and badly designed chimneys meant that 17th century London was as unhealthy as any modern city- with the average hearth pumping as much poison into people's living rooms as a modern diesel engine would.
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