Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Dead Alive

It's one thing to start a political party, quite another to shut it down. These things don't want to die. They have infrastructure, they have money in bank accounts, they're staffed by people who are attached to them in all sorts of different ways. UKIP for instance: it's a one plank party which has achieved its objective, its erstwhile leader- the only star it possesses- wants to move on to other things, and its personnel all seem to hate and despise one another to the extent of staging fist fights in the purlieus of the European Parliament. The sensible thing would be to pull the plug- and yet it keeps on chugging along, holding leadership elections, acting with the utmost disfunction because- zombie that it is-  it's virtually unkillable.

And then there's the Labour Party...
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