Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Folk Demon


He never shuts up. He's always performing. Always bouncing about. Always "on". Pushing a force field out into the world- a zone of zaniness. Jim's World. Anyone who has dealings with him is enveloped- drawn in- made complicit. Whatever you're doing you'll do it on his terms. You may be Prince Charles or you may be an altar girl- doesn't matter- because he's in charge- and he'll take you for whatever he can get.  An optometrist calls to deliver him his new pair of specs. He gives her a tonguey kiss, drops his tracksuit bottoms, goes "How's about that then?"  and asks her to be on his radio show. It's seamless. She hardly notices where the line has been crossed.

Because that's just Jim. Take him as you find him. Normal rules don't apply.

He's like a cobra, weaving, dancing, tongue flickering in and out. Testing for weakness...

And he always seems to be having so much fun...
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