Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Hobgoblin Nor Foul Fiend Shall Daunt His Spirit

Ailz likes singing novelty songs from the 1950s and I like singing hymns and neither of us can hold a tune-  so we have a rule that we're only allowed to sing on Sundays- which neither of us keeps. This morning- even though it's not a Sunday- I was testing to see if I could remember all the words of To Be a Pilgrim- and apparently I can. I sang most of it out of doors- on my way to and from the compost heap- so I was able to complete all three verses before Ailz told me to shut up.

You can sing it at my funeral if you like- only I'd prefer it if you used Bunyan's original words and not the Victorian milksop version by Percy Dearmer which leaves out the hobgoblins.
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