Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sunday Shopping

We whizz up to the shop for some milk.

The nearest shop is an M & S attached to a petrol station- and it calls itself a Services. It's expensive but we don't have time to drive any further because we've got an agency carer seeing to my mother and she'll have a next job to get to and she's running late already.

The Services is busy on a Sunday morning. I guess it's a lot of people's corner shop. They have three tills going. I'd have bought a watercress salad- and sod the expense- only they were all sold out. Three young men stand and eat pastries at the single table by the coffee dispensary. A man in the queue ahead of me has moths and beetles (not Beatles as I explain to Ailz later) tattooed all over his forearm.
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