Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

And Then There's Picasso

Also at The Jerwood- currently- is a small selection of items from the Penrose family collection of Picassoiana. There are prints and ceramics and photos of the man himself by his dear friend Mrs Penrose aka Lee Miller. I found it hard- having looked at the Picassos- to take any further interest in the Jerwood's own collection of well-mannered 20th century British art. Normally I'm happy to give people like Edward Bawden and Christopher Wood my full attention but after Picasso- no- I had spots in front of my eyes from gazing at the sun.

Did you know Picasso visited the Penroses at their Sussex farm? Yes, he did.  Really. Picasso in Sussex- wheee! There's a pic by Lee Miller of him standing by a Sussex signpost just to drive the point home.

Incidentally the strictures about British art don't apply to Marcus Harvey. You can put him alongside Picasso and not think, "What the hell!". He may be doing Englishness but he's not provincial. There's an oomph to him. And as Phil King says of his use of collage and bricolage- "a deep understanding of what Picasso was actually up to shines through."
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