Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Day Two

Advantages of Coach Travel

1. You don't damage the ozone layer (much)

2. It doesn't hurt your ears

3. You don't get jet-lag.


1. It takes forever.

My, but the Champagne region is vast. No-one seems to live there. There's nothing but prairie and the huge, windowless factories (like wall-eyed cathedrals) where they process whatever it is they grow.

Then Burgundy. We skirted the ridge of hills called Cote d'Or where the best vinyards are.

And so to our ovenight stop outside Lyon. The hotel was still a-building and our corridor lacked carpets and a ceiling (though the room was fine.) the nearest thing to a vegetarian option on the menu was a salmon steak that had been cooked in bacon fat. Heigh-ho. but I was prepared for that. In Southern Europe they don't think it's a proper meal unless it's been soused in pig.

to be continued.....


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