Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The English Weather

It rained yesterday- for the first time in weeks- proper rain not mizzle. This is good. It's being rained on so much that keeps England "green and pleasant."  While not going as far as Chesterton- who said he liked all sorts of weather except for the kind commonly called "good"- I think our climate is wonderful. There's so much variety. I love a bright summer's day, but I don't care for too many of them laid end to end.  I've been to consistently hot places- Egypt for dry heat, Kentucky for damp heat- and they're grim.

Today, after the rain, the sun is shining again and because of the rain everything feels refreshed. The lawn- which hasn't been cut for a good while now- is sprinkled with buttercups. 
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