Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Getting Things In Proportion

The political class's collective decision- at a moment of national crisis- to go off into little huddles and play games of spot the leader amounts to a quite extraordinary dereliction of duty. The known world is collapsing round us and they've concluded it's quite acceptable for there to be no effective prime minister, no government or- though this matters less- no opposition. Really none of these people deserve to be in power.

Meanwhile I see someone has been going over Google Earth, inch by inch, and has spotted a quite enormous pyramid- ten miles across- with a bright light coming out of the top- at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Though you might assume- from what I've been writing over the past few days- that I'm fascinated by the runnings-around-in-circles of our pygmy leaders the truth is I'm far more interested in this sort of thing...

Anyone out there know the work of Dolores Cannon?
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