Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Dereliction Of Duty

The Tories are having a leadership contest and now Labour wants one too. The country is in the throes of the greatest political crisis of the postwar era- and so- obviously- the politicians are going off into corners to enjoy comforting and deeply refreshing circle jerks. Well, I hope they have a lovely time.

The Tories have the excuse that their leader has fucked up and buggered off but Labour still have a leader in place and happy to stay there. His parliamentary colleagues seem to think that they'd do better at the polls if they have a front man or woman who smells more like Tony Blair- which only goes to show how completely out of touch they are with the mood of the country.

This division between the nation and it's political reresentatives is one of the reasons- possibly the root reason- why the referendum went the way it did. For a lot of people it wasn't so much about quitting the EU as about grasping a rare opportunity to show the people up in London just how angry and alienated they feel.
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