Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Resurrection In A Kentish Churchyard

This headstone- dated 1781- is in the churchyard at West Farleigh, near Maidstone. The design is not uncommon;  I've seen versions of it in churchyards all over Kent- but I've never seen one in such good condition.

The masons must have had access to pattern books- because the versions I know are all very similar,  Either that or we're looking at the work of a single mason or school of masons, active over a wide area.

In the centre a deceased person rises from a sarcophagus, on the left an angel blows its trumpet and a tower comes tumbling down, on the right a winged figure- who may be Father Time because it seems to have a beard- triumphs over Death- represented as a crowned skeleton. The winged figure has hold of Death's dart and is breaking it in two.

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