Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Highly Miscellaneous

1.Don't eat home-made ice-cream at tea time; it causes reflux.

2. "Psychoid" is a useful word. It describes seemingly paranormal events that bleed over into the seemingly material world. When- for example- Jung's patient was describing a dream about a scarab beetle and a very similar beetle came knocking at the consulting room window that was a psychoid event. Poltergeists are psychoid, so- arguably- are UFOs and aliens and cryptids. I learned this from Stanislav Grof's book, The Holotropic Mind.

3. There was a young deer wandering round the garden this morning- eating the shrubbery. It didn't mind being stared at through the window.  Marlowe wasn't keen- and came back into the house after scoping it with every hair standing on end.
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