Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bits And Pieces

1. Today marks the third anniversary of us moving in with my mother. In the interim we've sold our own house and become acclimatised- indeed naturalised- to the South East. None of this was ever part of what I had projected for my old age, but it's all good.

2. We've treated ourselves to the Globe Theatre's "Happy 400th Deathday, Shakey" big box set. It arrived this morning: 21 plays- including some of the less usual ones- like Love's Labours Lost- and one or two legendary productions like the all-star Twelfth Night with Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry.

3. It was my daughter who reminded me about kids liking postcards. So now I've got the habit: go somewhere cool, buy cards, send to grandchildren. We were at Herstmonceux Castle yesterday- and today I wrote and posted the cards. I remember it's something my own grandparents doing. My grandfather took lots of exotic business trips and most of his cards had aeroplanes on them; I suppose he bought them at the airport. I received so many- one way and another- I was given an album to keep them in.
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