Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Dream About The Brontes

Someone had hidden rag dolls representing the Bronte sisters in a huge, ramshackle Victorian house. We (whoever we were) had been divided into three teams (one for each sister) and had to find the dolls, then dress them appropriately; it was some sort of competition. No-one was getting anywhere so one of the organisers told us we'd find Charlotte on the roof.  I got a ladder (I don't like ladders) and clambered up- and there indeed she was- hidden under rubbish in an old tin box. I could tell she was Charlotte because she had this drawn, ascetic-looking face (though why Charlotte- the succesful one- should be more spiritual looking than her sisters I have no idea.) I was disappointed because my team were supposed to be looking for Emily and we had to hand Charlotte over to another team- even though we ere the ones who had found her- which wasn't fair. And thereabouts the dream petered out- being too silly to live...
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