Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

St Peter, Ashburnham

It doesn't look it, but this (apart from the tower which is 200 years earlier) is a 17th century church- built by the Ashburnham family in 1665 to honour the old ways and house their dead. Here is one of their tombs- a little clunky if you look at the details- but in general terms rather splendidly and unEnglishly baroque- by a sculptor- J Bushell- who had trained in Italy.

The big house, Ashburnham Place, was largely demolished in the 1950s- a victim of dry rot and death duties- but the parkland- landscaped by Capability Brown- has been maintained. The remaining buildings now house a Christian conference centre and retreat house.

Here's the view from the churchyard.

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