Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

In The Interests Of Accuracy...

...And in case anyone goes looking for them and is disappointed the Royal Arms I talked about yesterday aren't in St Mary, Kenardington, but belong to the neighbouring chuch of St Matthew, Warehorne. This kind of mix-up can happen when you visit three churches  in the course of a single day.

St Matthew's looks like this...

It's a large roomy building. Here's the chancel.

According to a website I browsed there's a secret tunnel leading from the church to the Woolpack Inn across the road. Who dug it? Smugglers, of course. Russell Thorndike- who wrote the Dr Syn books- wasn't diverging too far from the known facts when he posited a clergyman as the leader of a  Romney Marsh smuggling gang.
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