Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Merle Haggard

I hadn't listened to Merle Haggard before today but my friend Judy loves the guy and I felt duty bound...

Wishing these Old things Were New is a great song about growing old

And that Townes Van Zandt song he does with Willy Nelson- Pancho and Lefty- is essence of Peckinpah boiled down to four minutes of mystery and compassion.

So much more listening to do.

I need to say I like old Merle better than young Merle. Young Merle is wired, a bit thuggish and you wouldn't want to walk on his fighting side. Old Merle isn't like that at all. Old Merle is mellow and wise- and few folk get to travel quite so far in a single lifetime. I love how Okie from Muskogee started off as this prickly thing which was written out of anxiety about identity and fear of the new but by the time he played it in old age had become sweet and playful ...
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