Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Easter 2016

The clocks went forward last night and I went to bed early to compensate. I think it may have worked- by which I mean I'm not feeling  particularly discombobulated by the loss of an hour.

It rained heavily overnight. The front path has become a canal. Today the weather keeps changing- ten minutes ago it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. Now the sun is shining.

I do my best to ignore Easter. Spring is its own festival if you see what I mean. It's enough to lift the spirit to see the flowers coming up and the bees getting going; you don't have to add in chocolate eggs. When I was a priest I used to try and fake up a lot of emotion in myself and the congregation-  guilt and grief on Good Friday and joy on Easter Sunday- and it was a low-down thing to be trying to do and I'm happy to think that most of my congregation remained unaffected.

BTW the spiritualists I've been reading have no problem with Jesus's resurrection. If Jesus was a great psychic (as his miracles show) and his disciples were chosen for their psychic sensitivity nothing was more probable that he'd have been able to appear to them under controlled seance conditions (ie in the upper room). If you think Jesus' miracles are a bit unlikely you need to consider the things attributed to the great Victoriam medium Daniel Dunglas Home.

In Ireland they're celerating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. The British authorities- as authorities almost always do- handled the crisis with consummate clumsiness- giving the rebels exactly what they were gunning for- a bloody battle- in which a lot of civilians died as collateral damage- topped off with executions. Pearse and his crew could have been made to look like twats (which wouldn't have been difficult beause Pearse was a twat); instead of which they were handed the palm of martyrdom. All of which is said- much better and with less cynicism- in Yeats' Easter 1916- the greatest political poem of the last century.

The good news comes through that Isil have been chased out of Palmyra by the Syrian government and its Russian allies. This is a hard one for our media to spin- because Isil is bad but Assad and Putin are bad too.  How annoying of the Russians to do the thing we devoutly wished for but hadn't the nerve to do ourselves. One might think they did it on purpose just to show us up. What a monster that Putin is!

My mother keeps passing the paper to me and asking me to explain stories. Thus far I've had to explain a picture of Mary Berry (twice) a picture of some antique chessmen (also twice) and an article about the Duchess of Cambridge giving the Queen a jar of homemade chutney (just the once.)  Incidentally I see that ITV has cleared its schedules tonight for a two hour grovel at the feet of celebration of the Queen. Jesus rising from the grave, the Queen turning 90- they're much the same thing: Opium: masses for the use of.
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