Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Here Comes The 21st Century- At Last

According to a story that passed under my nose the other day young people are no longer bothering to buy TV sets. And why should they in the age of Netflix?  It's early days but I can imagine a time- not perhaps so very far in the future- when the box in the corner of the living room will be as obsolete as the telephone landline. Who'd have thought- twenty years ago- that those two staples of late 20th century living would have such a short shelf life?

And then there was the article about how we'll all be giving up our private cars and instead- as needed- rent self-driving vehicles from some central source- and how that's going to transform our cities. This seems more SF than the prediction about TV but who knows? Apparently Uber is buying self-driving cars- and a business like that doesn't invest in new technology just for the fun of it.
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