Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Two Churches On The Steyning Road

Coombes is a settlement on the road that goes from Lancing to Steyning. There's a farm and a church and not much else. You have to cross farmland to reach the church. As is sometimes the case with very small, isolated churches no-one remembers which saint it was dedicated to.

This is the field I had to come through. Our car is just visible in the car park at the bottom of the hill. That's a cement works, I think, on the far side of the valley.

The church is a shoe-box with windows in it. A thousand year-old shoebox. It's glory is its wall paintings-  which are12th century- and probably the work of monks from Lewes Priory. They're fragmentary but very well-preserved in patches.

This is the lion of St Mark

And this little chap is supporting the weight of the chancel arch

A little further down the same road is Botolphs- another settlement that's hardly a village- with one or two buildings and yet another Romanesque church.

It's another shoebox- and in this instance the paintings have all but disappeared. You can see traces of them over the chancel arch. I imagine the monks from Lewes working their way through the County. "Right, that's another one finished. Where to next?"
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