Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Bit Of A Wander Around Shoreham

The River Adur at Lancing.

Walk over the 18th century footbridge- which used to be the toll bridge- and you come to

The village of Old Shoreham.

Here's a picture of that church from the othe side

 This is St Nicholas, old Shoreham.

Familiar story of the English coastline. Sometimes the sea advances and swallows up the land and sometimes it retreats and-as here- leaves a seaport high and dry. In the case of Shoreham they built a new town about three quarters of a mile down river. Both Shorehams- old and new- have remarkable Romanesque churches. St Mary de Haura in the New Town looks like this...

That's a picture I took a couple of years ago. St Mary's is considerably bigger but St Nick's is just as beautiful. Here are some pictures of the interior-

The vicar came in while I was taking pictures. He had a purple stole in his hand which I assumed meant there was a funeral in the offing. Odd how apologetic the clergy are these days. This guy smiled and smirked as if I were doing him a favour by letting him into his own building.

Ailz was waiting on the far side of the footbridge, sitting in the car, reading her Kindle. Here's a shot of the bridge from the Shoreham side. That important looking collection of buildings is Lancing College- my old school. Since I was there- fifty years ago- someone has built a great, blocky, white wharehouse on the river bank which comes elbowing into the view and rather spoils it.

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