Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Good Reason For Glancing At The Mail

I know the Mail is a dreadful paper- but it's currently performing the service the Chilcot Enquiry keeps not providing (at vast expense to the public purse) by publishing material from Tom Bower's investigation into Tony Blair and his conduct of the war in Iraq. Bower interviewed practically everyone involved and has built up a picture of a Prime Minister who went all presidential (and more- because there are checks on a US president) and ran British foreign policy on single player mode. He rejected informed advice, listened only to yes-men and the voice in his head he calls God, spin-doctored the information he put before colleagues and the country, misrepresented his intentions- and wasted lives as if they were pixels. Max Hastings in an related think piece says he doesn't suppose Blair will ever be sent on a one-way trip to the Hague but that the least we can do is exclude him from public life for ever. 
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