Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Frankie Says

I spent an hour of yesterday afternoon watching Frankie Boyle being interviewed by Richard Osmond at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014. They were talking about TV today. Richard thinks TV is in a healthy state- well, he would; he works on two very successful early evening quiz shows- and Frankie thinks it's shite.

I agree with Frankie.

Because, as Frankie says, there's no risk taking. And it's only when risks are being taken that art becomes "interesting". Interesting is a  favourite word of Frankie's. Tell me something I don't already know, say things that haven't been said before, show me things I've never seen- else what's the point?

I started off watching The Night Manager last week. They're saying that at a rate of pounds per minute it's the most expensive drama the BBC has ever made- and so far its been utterly predictable. There's a very bad white man, played by Hugh Laurie and a very good white man played by Tom Hiddleston and they size one another up while the Arab Spring carries on in the background- providing a little local colour.  A brown woman appears briefly in order to go to bed with Tom and then get bumped off.  But that crowd scene has more than 15 people in it and they had enough money to send someone to take actual pictures of the actual Matterhorn- and- how radical- the spymaster is being played by a woman- just as in the Bond films for the past 20 years...
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