Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Smith Report

The BBC is not uniquely wicked. Every big, hierarchical institution took exactly the same line with the paedophiles on its staff. The Liberals closed ranks around Cyril Smith, the Anglican church closed ranks around Bishop Peter Ball, the Catholic church closed ranks around its thousands of paedophile priests.

And, of course, the investigation into what may or may not have happened at Elm House is still stymied. Leon Brittan has been "cleared" of the one anomalous charge of raping an adult woman and his supporters- family, party, press- are taking that to mean he's been cleared of all the other- far more plausible- charges of raping children.

Janet Smith says senior managers at the BBC never heard a whisper about the doings of Savile and Hall. If that's really so- and I find it hard to believe- they knew less than the general public did and stand accused of being hopelessly out of touch- and all the knighthoods and lordships awarded to them should be rescinded forthwith.
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