Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Starting Off As A Gripe About The Weather, Then Moving On To Squirrels

The essential February day- cold, damp, lightless. The rain has only ever been a degree or two away from becoming sleet- or even snow.

We had Julia plant bulbs outside the dining room window. This morning I found several of them on the surface. What animal had done that? A squirrel probably. Anyway I reburied them

Talking about squirrels, I moved the bird feeder so it would be out of range of their nearest launch pad. They remained stymied for a few weeks but then some Napoleonic bundle of  grey fur eyed up the problem, calculated a trajectory and leapt the gap- and once a thing has been done it becomes easy, doesn't it? You've got to admire squirrels: they're constantly pushing the envelope. If humans as a species possessed the squirrel's perseverance and enormous physical courage we'd have landed the first men on the Moon in the 1500s. 
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