Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Off The Top Of My Head

One can sleep too much- and I think I must have done so last night because my brain feels like something you'd stuff a cushion with.

Our daffodils- or perhaps they're narcissi- are in bloom. I pointed this out to my mother with a comment about them being early and she said, ""Not necessarily. I think they're a variety called February Gold." Funny the things she remembers...

Conan Doyle reassembled the cast from The Lost World for several other stories. In The Poison Belt they sit in a sealed room with oyygen cylinders, make sexist and racist remarks, discuss the afterlife and watch as every living thing succumbs to something horrid in the atmosphere. It's like Breughel's Triumph of Death updated to the machine age. There are train crashes, golfers keel over on the putting green, Brighton burns. Brighton? Yes, because the sealed room is in Rotherfield- a Sussex village we visited last year. I know a nice pub in Rotherfield...
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