Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

More Of The Same

Trump has all the characteristics of an over-indulged toddler- egomania, greed, spite. Thwart him and he sulks; try to reason with him and he spits. I picture him in a romper suit and soiled nappy, sitting on the floor, surrounded by his busted toys, yelling his little head off.

God knows what sort of president he'd make. He's firing off wild promises- all Muslims banned from entering the States, a wall between the States and Mexico, Isis defeated in one fell swoop- without any consideration of the cost, logistics and diplomatic and social repercussions.

But his followers aren't thinking ahead. They're enjoying the show. They want to see the political system smashed into little bits- and Trump is saying he'll do it for them.

Trump is vile, but his followers aren't. They're just folk. They're bored and dis-satisfied and they'll follow any flag they feel is going in vaguely the right direction. I'm not saying Trump is the new Hitler (Hitler was much smarter, understood politics and had a formidable organisation behind him) but there are parallels. People feel frustrated and angry. A leader appears who can command a podium and they fall in love with him. Once that connection has been made there's no reasoning with them. They're like people caught up in a fandom. Explain to a fan the multiple shortcomings of the thing they love- Star Wars, for instance, and they'll go, "Yes, we know all that- we don't like Ja-Ja either- but look, it's Star Wars!" And so with Trump. His fans aren't asking whether his policies make any sense or why his hair looks so weird- because they've surrendered themselves to the collective. I've often wondered what it was the German masses saw in Hitler- when he was obviously such a dick. But I'm watching Trump go from strength to strength and it's the same phenomenon. When a movement gathers a certain momentum the dickishness of the leader ceases to matter.
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