Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

An Early Start

We had to get up a little earlier than usual this morning- so as to be ready to take my mother for a hospital appointment- and my brain came up with what it considered a brilliant plan to avoid oversleeping which was not to sleep at all.

Stupid brain!

I disagreed with it and argued back and finally dropped off in the early hours- and dreamed- as I often do- about a wonderful toyshop with toys I desperately wanted but which had disappeared from the shelf by the time I came to buy them. One of the shop keepers was John Cleese and I did a silly walk that impressed him.

While I wasn't sleeping the phone which I thought I'd lost scrambling under a fence at Dode starting beeping plaintively, telling me it was out of juice. It turns out it has spent the past three weeks on the bedroom floor tucked just out of sight under the valence of the bed. Or, at least, that's what the fairies would like me believe.

The weather is foul. The wind is howling and we've had a lot of rain overnight. I think what we're seeing here is the remnants of the storm that has been burying the Eastern United States in snow.
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