Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

An Early Spring Clean

The donkey house- so-called- is a small stable block- with a low roof- too low for a proper-sized horse- which almost certainly was once used to accomodate a donkey or pony.  In my parents time- which began in the mid seventies- it has been used as a tool- shed, a garage for the mower and- more recently- as a dumping place for junk that was too big to fit in a dustbin. Over the past few days we've been clearing it out. At the weekend I hoiked out most of the wood- including substantial items of furniture- and burned it, yesterday Matthew and Anya loaded all the scrap metal onto the flat-bed of Matthew's truck and took it away- with a view to cashing it in when the market recovers- and today Julia and Anya are getting rid of several winter floods worth of silt.

And now it'll be good for....well, I don't don't know what exactly, but the grottiness was beginning to nag at me- and it won't be doing that any more. 
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